Tenant Information


The tenants in our homes are our source of revenue. That's why, through our experienced local property management firm, we thoroughly screen potential renters to ensure their financial stability and past history as tenants. We look for two types of tenants:

These are government-subsidized (under a Housing and Urban Development program) individuals and families whose rent is paid directly to the home owner, assuring a regular and ongoing income. In the Detroit area at this time, there are literally thousands of qualifying for Section 8 assistance looking for suitable homes to rent. And because Section 8 tenants can lose their subsidy (under the program's "zero tolerance" policy) for justifiable eviction by a homeowner, Section 8 renters can be relied on to respect and care for the homes in which they live.

The economic downturn in Detroit left many families no longer able to pay their mortgage but still fully able to afford the $600 to $1,250 a month rental on homes such as Smart Homes has acquired. Our locally-based property management firm checks the credentials and references and most importantly, ability to pay of all potential tenants. As well, our property managers regularly inspect the property to ensure that it is being well maintained and collect the monthly rent on behalf of the property owner.