Company Philosophy

An economic cloud with a silver lining

The economic downturn in the US and tanking of financial institutions and the automobile and other industries has resulted in areas like Detroit, Michigan being plunged into a real estate depression not seen since the 1920s. But it also provides the opportunity for astute investors to profit while rebuilding blue collar homes and neighborhoods to provide affordable housing now and in a recovering future economy.

You profit: we profit

We are all in business to make money. Therefore it is in our best interest as well as yours, to maximize your return.

Local knowledge. Local management

Smart Homes Investments Ltd. is based in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. That's why we employ real estate professionals and appraisers based in and totally familiar with the Detroit area to recommend the homes we buy. That's why we employ local lawyers and accountants and a local project management firm to oversee renovating, renting and property management. But we go one step farther: we personally stand in every home before we buy it. We verify it is a viable home on a viable street in a viable neighborhood before we put a dollar down or offer it to a potential investor.

Every investment home is a turnkey property

When we buy a home, it is with clear title. When we offer a home for investment, it is rehabbed and renovated as needed, a property manager in place to handle renting, rent collection, ongoing maintenance and other issues related to the property. While we are happy to welcome and accommodate those who want to visit their home(s), investors need never even see their investment property to enjoy the profits from it.