Ownership for rental purposes

We provide you with title to 100% ownership in a fully reconditioned home to which we hold clear title. This home will be occupied by a renter at the time at which you purchase your home, assuring you that it is in good rentable condition with immediate cash flow.

Advantage to you:
You receive a steady income or monthly rental without having to involve yourself in any of the day-to-day management efforts or expenses of the property, which we undertake.

Monthly Rental

This is a normal monthly rental agreement whereby the tenant pays an agreed upon rent on the 1st or 15th of each month. The term of the rental agreeement is usually 12 months. The rental term can be adjusted as desired by property owner.

Advantage to you:
The rent is usually higher, providing good cash flow. At the end of the tenant rental term, the rent can easily be raised as the landlord deems appropriate.

Disadvantage to you:
As with most rental properties, the property owner is responsible for property improvements and yearly property taxes.